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Mrs. Williams was                    I could have asked for in a tutor and more.
~ Marissa Hitt, student


I enjoyed that my daughter was able to have a hands-on experience while learning reading.

Tori and KD

I was always in awe of how inspiring she was to her students.

Lidiya Gettya

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Marissa Hitt, student

If you’re looking for a tutor who truly cares about her students and how each individual student learns, Mrs. Williams is the tutor for you. My education would not be the same without Mrs. Williams, and she will do everything she can to ensure you not only understand the material, but that you enjoy learning, as well. Mrs. Williams was everything I could have asked for in a tutor and more.

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Lisa Weatherspoon-Morgan, parent

Lisa is a wonderful teacher. She engages my children and gets them excited about learning. As a homeschool mom with a full time job,  I trust Lisa to teach my children when I am unable to do so myself.

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Elaine Selby, colleague

I have worked with Lisa Williams for several years as a colleague at Brighton Academy. We shared the same classroom so I was able to witness some of her teaching and her interaction with students. Lisa always taught with excellence, attention to detail, cheerfulness, and kindness toward her students. She is bright, always wanting to grow and learn, and possesses a passion for providing a quality education. Any student who has Lisa for their teacher will be enriched and blessed.

Marissa Hitt Review Cont.



"Where do I start? Lisa’s extraordinary ability to connect with kids allows her to easily identify the challenges unique to each child and teach the way forward. Her passion for kids, learning, and success is simply unparalleled. What a gem! Put simply, if you need a reading or writing tutor, hire Lisa…you will NOT regret it!"

Ryan Eggenberger, colleague

Elizabeth New, parent

I met Mrs. Williams in 2018 when she served as a teacher to two of my daughters in a private education setting. I admire her command of multiple subjects and desire to teach various ages of students. She presents herself with confidence, poise and enthusiasm in the classroom, creating a welcoming atmosphere with reasonable expectations. She is capable of assessing the fine line between challenging a student and overwhelming her, and giving encouragement or grace where necessary for the sake of learning. I appreciate her willingness to take time for pertinent communication with me as a parent and partner to educate my students. She is a delightful teacher and I’m grateful for her investment into my daughters’ education.

Trish Whitney, colleague

I am happy to recommend Lisa Williams of Spark Literacy Tutor as an on-line tutor for your child! I first met Lisa during the Pandemic when I was the in-classroom adult monitor for a computer apps class she was teaching through Zoom at a local private school. I was a little nervous about my position as I am not a big “computer person.” But Lisa’s skills and professionalism made the situation not only very workable, but enjoyable as well. I looked forward to seeing her smiling face and hearing her laugher as she interacted with all of us. She was able to successfully navigate through the challenging process of helping students of various personalities and skill levels become more proficient in computers, communication, and peer interaction. Lisa really cares about her students and their education. On-line instruction is going to continue to be a part of our students’ lives. You will be well-served by choosing Lisa Williams for your child’s tutoring needs!

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