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✨My mistakes help me Learn and Grow


Each session begins with a brief “tell me something good?” share-out discussion followed by reading the weekly affirmation. Reading and writing sessions are individualized for each child but may include: phonological awareness drills, sentence segmenting, and fluency practice. Students are rewarded for enthusiastic participation with fun activities and free-play in Koala Go's online playground!

Absolutely! Online learning works for children. Here are just a few of the benefits: ​

  • efficient time saver (e.g. no need to drive your student to session!)

  • allows parents to multitask

  • multiple backup solutions

  • prepares students for online learning environments with tech literacy

  • additional immediate help just a text or email away if/when needed.

Yes! With my trained experience and as the parent of a high achieving, gifted and talented child, I’m equipped to work with children of exceptionally high academic abilities and interests to create engaging lessons in reading and writing. My tutoring sessions are also geared toward children who are considered twice-exceptional. Children in all of my sessions receive fun, multi-sensory, and critical thinking lessons. 

This will vary depending on several factors: your child’s motivation, enthusiasm, practice, at-home support, and skill. I always collaborate with parents to determine the best plan for your child.

Science of reading and metacognition.

A computer with at least:

  • Stable internet

  • Headphones

  • Document camera

  • Reading or math manipulatives kit (covered by the registration fee and included in the welcome process).

An initial invoice is emailed with a payment link. Monthly automatic recurring payments are made by debit or credit card through an online billing system.

I’ve been online tutoring for 2 years and launched Spark Literacy Tutor in February 2022.

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